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KT18018-G double column hydraulic tension semi auto band saw metal cutting machine

KT18018-G double column hydraulic tension semi auto band saw metal cutting machine

KT18018-G double column hydraulic tension semi auto band saw metal cutting machine
CategoriesSemi auto band saw machine
Cutting capacity(mm)Height:1800 Width:1800
Blade process speed (m/min)20-70
Blade specification (mm)1.6*80*17100
Power of main motor(KW)Y2/22-4
Power of oil-pump motor (KW)3.75
Power of cooling pump motor(KW)0.22
Table height(mm)995
Machine size(mm)7640*2740*5200
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Update Time2021-10-19
Detail Information
Double valve control has the advantage
of Unique flow control mode
Reset valve can exactly have an adjust according to the material difference
Hydraulic plate feeding
Feeding device with fast and slow feeding systems, can move material widely and position accurately. Fast positioning, can effectively save time
Frequency conversion stepless speed
Saw blade speed adopts frequency stepless speed. Stainless steel, tool steel, bearing steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and other materials can be adjusted to the best results.
Transmission system
Adopt High-torque, low-noise turbine gear. Equipped with high power motor of Europe standard. With the advantages of stable cutting and high efficiency.
Wireless remote control
It can control material feed-return and vice clamp-loose. And more simple for one labor to operate when material positioning.
Drag chain type automatic chip removal system
The drag chain type chip conveyor can Improve efficiency, reduce iron filings and labor costs.
Vices in middle of pliers
Suitable for clamping short and specific material. Stable and reliable clamp.
Saw blade hydraulic tension
The saw blade tension is set and kept by hydraulic way, and the saw blade will loosen to improve the machine Cutting efficiency and prolong the lifetime of saw blade when machine stop



Cutting capacity(mm)

Height:1800  Width:1800

Blade process speed (m/min)


Blade specification (mm)


Power of main motor(KW)


Power of oil-pump motor (KW)


Power of cooling pump motor(KW)


Table height(mm)


Machine size(mm)


Vice clamping way


Work tensioning form


Feeding way

Plate Hydraulic feeding

Feeding length one time(mm)


Work in adjusting way

Double valve control

Hydraulic cooling way

Wind cooling

Chip conveyor way

Screw style auto convey

Control system

Touch screen + button + remote control

Lift position

Digital position  

Saw blade deviation detection

Digital detection  

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