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horizontal automatic band saw cnc metal cutting machine

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horizontal automatic band saw cnc metal cutting machine

Issue Time:2021-06-28

Automatic band saw machine Features :
Sawing speed increased by 50%
saw blade life increased by 50%
machining accuracy increased by 50%
equipment service life increased by 50%
Intelligent welding: robot welding, beyond the limit of manual to ensure stability, uniformity and consistency



1. Fully automatic CNC sawing machine , suitable for mass production one after another.
2. Automatic Band saw machine Use PLC control system, you can set 5 groups of data cut in series.
3. Touch screen operation, man-machine interface replaces the traditional button control panel.
4. Manual and active dual-use selection.
5. Selection of imported wire ruler encoder feed length control, higher than the grating ruler, not easy to be bad.
Saw press alarm function.
Saw things broken, sawing machine alarm, take the initiative to shut down.
Sawing machine according to the suspension function, for example, when you saw the material to half cut to want to stop, you can
press the pause button, press the pause button when you want to start, the saw will continue the previous set of data and then
work, will not return to zero Reshaped.
9. Saw by overload maintenance function, the motor presents overload, sawing band cracks, the sawing machine will alarm or take
the initiative to stop!
10. All faults appear on the screen will appear.