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Severe wear of tooth tips

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Severe wear of tooth tips

Issue Time:2021-04-16

The worn parts are smooth and the blade tips are rounded.

possible reason:

a) Incorrect running-in procedure is adopted. When the new bimetal band saw blade starts to use, it cuts about 

500 cm² of material with 70% of normal linear speed and 50% of normal feed speed, when the carbide band 

saw blade is running in The line speed should be set lower.

b) The linear speed is set too high, causing the tooth tip to heat up and accelerate the wear of the saw blade

c) Too low feed causes friction and wear on the tip of the band saw blade. This phenomenon occurs in sawing 

work hardened materials, such as stainless steel and tool steel. When cutting stainless steel, try to choose a 

saw blade with a large positive rake angle.

d) Sawing high-hardness materials. The recommended parameters in the sawing parameter table are mainly 

for the annealed material. If the material has been tempered or quenched, the sawing linear speed and feed 

speed need to be adjusted down. .

e) Insufficient cutting fluid or incorrect ratio or application method. Check the concentration of the cutting fluid 

with a concentration meter to ensure that there is sufficient cutting fluid. When adding water, the cutting fluid 

must be added at the same time, otherwise the cooling conditions and lubrication conditions will change.