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Analysis of the reason why the saw blade of the circular saw machine burst

Analysis of the reason why the saw blade of the circular saw machine burst

Update Time:2021-04-16

For circular saw machines and band saw machines, the blade is the core of the equipment. The quality of the blade directly determines the work efficiency and talent of the equipment. During the sawing process, many manufacturers will show the phenomenon of saw blade bursting or broken teeth, which shows that they have not checked the position before use, such as whether the voltage is stable, whether the screws are tightened in place, whether the feed rate adjustment is reasonable In particular, check whether the saw blades are sharp and so on. Let's talk about the reasons and solutions of the saw blade burst

1. Saw blade device is not in place

Analysis of the reason: the time-sharing screw of the saw blade device is not tightened, which will cause the saw blade to swing during sawing, and simply form a burst or broken tooth of the saw blade when blocking.

Solution: Look at the flange and tighten the screws.

2. The feed speed is too fast or unstable

Analysis of the reason: When sawing, if the private line increases the feed speed, it will simply cause the saw blade to burst or break the tooth. If the voltage is unstable, the feed speed will also be unstable.

Solution: According to the actual situation, adjust the feed speed, do not adjust the speed of the private line fast or slow, before the circular saw machine is opened, you should check whether the voltage is stable.

3. Saw blades are not sharp

Reason analysis: The saw blade has a certain service life. If the saw teeth become dull and need to be replaced, if they are not replaced in time, there will be too much conflict during sawing, and then the saw blade will burst or the teeth will break.

Solution: Before opening the circular saw machine equipment, you should check whether the saw blade needs to be replaced.

4. Equipment adjustment is not in place

Analysis of the reason: If the equipment is not adjusted properly, then the various accessories will appear to be in non-circulation and other conditions during operation. In this situation, it is very simple to cause the saw blade to burst or break the teeth.

Solution: The equipment should be maintained and maintained frequently. If it is new equipment, it should be run empty for 30 seconds before use to see if it is adjusted in place. After all the work is checked, the interception operation can be carried out.