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How to reduce the cost of using horizontal band saw machine?

How to reduce the cost of using horizontal band saw machine?

Update Time:2021-04-16

After the customer purchase a horizontal band sawing machine, reducing cutting costs durning cutting becomes one of the customers' considerations. Reducing the loss of bi-metal band saw blades is one of the factors that reduce the cost of use. So how to reduce losses in practical applications?

First of all, choose a high-quality saw blade product. When choosing, you must explain to the manufacturer what your cutting material is. The bi-metal band saw blade supplier will recommend you to use a suitable saw blade. Now in the band saw blade market, manufacturers have divided saw blades into copper and aluminum colored band saw blades, carbon steel saw blades, tool steel saw blades, bundled small-diameter band saw blades, thin-walled pipes / lightweight profile saw blades, and thick-walled pipes/ profiles steels saw blades, bearing steel saw blades, stainless steel saw blades, abrasive steel saw blades, titanium alloy band saw blades, nickel alloy band saw blades, etc.

Secondly, when cutting materials with a suitable new saw blade on a horizontal band sawing machine, it must pass through the running-in period before it can cut normally. Only in this way can premature damage to the saw teeth be avoided.

In the running-in period, the matters needing attention: 

  1. The line speed should not be too fast.

  2. Feeding speed.

  3. The tension of the saw band.