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Company Introduction
Our team in China sawing industry especially band sawing machine and band saw blade industry has accumulated rich experience and established a set of technical training machine tool manufacturing, application for the integration of production and research and development base and sales service center.
In 1985, we beginning to manufacture band saw machine, until now we got rich experience in this scope, we also have OEM experience more than 15 years, there are more than 10000 sets machine we do OEM as customer’s requests.
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Why Choose Us
  • High Quality Assurance

    Passed the international quality system certification, in line with industry standards.

  • Professional Team

    Have a complete R & D team, production team, sales team, after-sales team.

  • Advanced Technolgogy

    Introduction of advanced technology and production from Japan and Germany.

  • Rich Experience

    We also have OEM experience more 15years, there are more than 10000 sets as customer's requests.

Customer Reviews
  • High Quality
    Hello Vicky,
    How are you today? Hope to find you well. I want to add something new to my threading machine? I use my threading machine this days and I am very satisfy.
    November 5,2018
  • High Quality
    Hello Jack,
    Loginfly has worked with us for five years. All the band saw machines and blades in our factory are purchased from loginfly, and they are very stable and efficient
    November 5,2021
  • High Quality
    Hello Merry,
    Loginfly has always given us the most favorable price and the best service, and the products are also used very well. It is difficult for me to consider other manufacturers
    November 7,2019
  • Analysis of the reason why the saw blade of the circular saw machine burst
    For circular saw machines and band saw machines, the blade is the core of the equipment. The quality of the blade directly determines the work efficiency and talent of the equipment.
  • How to reduce the cost of using horizontal band saw machine?
    After the customer purchase a horizontal band sawing machine, reducing cutting costs durning cutting becomes one of the customers' considerations. Reducing the loss of bi-metal band saw blades is one of the factors that reduce the cost of use.
  • Run-in period of band saw blade
    New band saw blade must go through Run-in period,and Run-in period is one of the effective way to protect the early damage of band saw blade.
  • Repairs And Spares
    Loginfly not only supplies reliable, durable and professional tools but we also aim to provide an excellent service to installers.
  • Training
    Knowledge is power. CCUTTING offers training to trade partners, available on request and subject to terms and conditions.
  • Sample Request
    Sample is available for our customers.
  • Inspection Service
    We support the third party inspection (mostly SGS or Intertek) with the accordance of customer requirements
  • Warranty
    We provide 18 months limited warranty for our steel pipe cutting tools, covering critical parts like body casting and gear box.
  • Technical Downloads
    Download everything you need to know about our products
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